We work out of the School of Natural Resources, University of Nebraska & other places

John Benson

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Nicholas Sutton

Current Graduate Students:

Hunter Ellsworth (PhD)

Kyle Dougherty (PhD)

Tabitha Hughes (PhD)

Soham Pattekar (PhD)

Jake Harvey (MS)

Jasmine Grewal (MS)

Emma Balunek (MS)

Kate Asmus (MS)

Ellie Bolas (PhD – UC Davis)

Maria Petridou (PhD – University of Ioannina, Greece )


Lab Alumni:

Peter Mahoney (Post Doctoral Researcher)


Rafael Campos (MS – University of Porto, Portugal)

co-advised with Francisco Álvares, CIBIO-InBIO, University of Porto, Portugal

Thesis: Survival and Population Dynamics of the Iberian Wolf in Portugal


Erin Wood (MS)

Thesis: Space Use & Resource Selection of Bighorn Sheep Ewes in a Prairie Badlands Population