We study wildlife population dynamics, behavior, & predator-prey interactions around the world

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Current Active Research Sites in North America




Wolf-Coyote Hybridization Dynamics (Ontario, Canada)

With Brent Patterson, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry


Mountain Lion Ecology & Viability in a Major Metropolitan Area (Los Angeles)

With Seth Riley and Jeff Sikich, National Park Service


Wolf-Caribou Predator Prey Dynamics (Michipicoten Island, ON, Canada)

With Brent Patterson & Art Rodgers, Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry

Ecology of Mountain Lions in California (Statewide)

With Kyle Dougherty (PhD student-UNL), Justin Dellinger, Chris Wilmers, Winston Vickers, Bogdan Cristescu, Danny Gammons, David Garcelon, Quinton Martins, Seth Riley, Jeff Sikich, Tom Stephenson, Greta Wengert, and Heiko Wittmer.


Mule Deer Population Ecology (Nebraska)

With Will Inselman and others, Nebraska Game & Parks Commission and Hunter Ellsworth (PhD student-UNL)


Bighorn Sheep Spatial Ecology (Western Nebraska)

With Todd Nordeen and others, Nebraska Game & Parks Commission

Predator-Prey Interactions, Spatial Ecology, and Energetics of Mountain Lions

(San Francisco’s North Bay, California)

With Quinton Martins, True Wild and Jake Harvey (MS student-UNL)

Photo Credit: Justin Haag, Copyright NEBRASKAland Magazine, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

Spatial Ecology and Population Dynamics of Elk (across Nebraska)

With Todd Nordeen, Luke Meduna, and Melissa Panella, Nebraska Game & Parks and Tabitha Hughes (PhD student-UNL)

Photo credits: Kyle Dougherty

Wildlife Community Dynamics along an Urban-Rural Gradient (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Current Focus: Intraguild interactions between red foxes & coyotes relative to humans

With Jasmine Grewal (MS student-UNL) & Kyle Dougherty (PhD student-UNL)